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Tips To Prep For Your First Headshot

So, you're ready for your first headshot! I'll start off by saying, It's not as scary as it seems! Having the spot-light, the camera and the action all on you can be extremely intimidating for anyone! But let me give you some tips to at least feel just a bit more at ease! Trust me, once you leave your session, you should be saying to yourself "Well, that was easy!" So, tip number one: Don't look at your headshot session as a big, intimidating professional chore. if you've got a good photographer, it shouldn't feel that way anyway! Look at your headshot session as an opportunity to indulge yourself a bit! Get that new haircut you've been putting off! You have a reason now! Get you hair and make up professionally done! Finally put that fancy blazer or dress shirt to good use, this is about representing the best you, so all you need to do is pamper yourself just a tad and show up! That's not so hard is it? This brings me to my next tip: Clothing. Depending on your type of headshot, your clothing may be decided on the location, season, profession or just your own personal taste! Either way, I always say, you can never go wrong with solid, neutral colours! Patterns or extremely noisy colour will very quickly distract from YOU! So this may not be the best time to grab that graphic tee, instead think of the mood you are trying to convey, is this a characterized artistic portrait for an audition? Or is this a collection of professional, yet eclectic images to be displayed on your business website? Your WHY should be the starting point of what to wear and how you want to be represented! Similarly, tip number three is: Colour. Often we don't think how much colour actually affects the overall tone and mood. It is a tricky subject, but the easiest way to boil it all done into a quick and easy way to understand is to look at the colour wheel's main harmonies (red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple) Utilize these combos with what you already naturally have. Blue eyes? Try a peach or pale orange shirt. Even the undertone sin your skin will compliment certain colours! If you know you have a red undertone in your skin try balancing that out with a dark forest green!

Hopefully these first few tips were helpful! If you're looking to get your first headshot done, I'd love to help you in this experience of your first professional step in the right direction! Whether you want an outdoor session on location or keep it classy with a creative studio portrait. I would love to be the photographer for you! Head on over to my contacts page to book your easy, peasy low stress and fun headshot session! You've already get a few tips so why not get more?

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