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Why Do You Need Self-Branding?

Okay, let's keep this simple. Self-Branding is exactly what it sounds like! So, why do you need it? As an entrepreneur and a fellow business owner, I know just how much our businesses or crafts can mean to us. No matter if it's part time or a full time income, every-time we devote ourselves to creating, serving or trouble shooting, apart of us goes into it. To put it lightly, our businesses are basically one of the many pieces of ourselves. So, then your audience, customers or future clients need to know YOU. Your business is the way it is because of what you bring to the table. You started it, you kept steady to see it through and to this day, you continue to grow it. without YOU there wouldn't be a business! I think often, it's easy to become camera shy and just showcase what you offer and never talk about who is offering it. I know because I was that entrepreneur once! I thought I'd never need to show my face or include my own interest or beliefs into the promotion of my work and boy, was I wrong. Most of the time, people don't connect with a product or service itself, they connect to the meaning or experience behind it. You are part of that meaning and experience. As a headshot photographer, chatting with my clients and finding out more about them helps me better understand them. The same goes on their side! They get to know me better from the second they land on my site or platform, because my face is there, my perspectives and the genuine me shows up. So, if they connect with me, they've already been sold on my services! They can have a pleasant experience shooting with me, because they feel they already know me! This applies to any business. Small business are more about people then we often realize. When I find myself on a website that I'm interested in, I automatically go to the "About me" page, I wanna know what they stand for and why this business means so much to them. Seeing their face and knowing their passion is a key tug for me, as for many. You are made of much more than what you offer. You are a character, a personality and a person. That's what people connect with and in turn will connect with what you offer. Self-branding is showcasing YOU. It's a vehicle to break the ice and allow people to see the genuine persona behind your business. So, let's show em'! Head over to my Contacts page and let's start introducing the face behind your business because trust me, people DO want to see and know it.

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